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Intuitive Inventory management for thriving wholesalers and warehouses

Our platform is based on three key principles


We seek to allow our clients to be in touch with their businesses at any time. Access your information whenever, wherever.


Forget downtimes. We’re here to stay. What’s more, we listen to you. And because of this, we are always improving.


We encrypt sensitive data, so your business is kept safe. Security and Privacy are paramount to us.

We offer everything you need to take your business to the next step

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Import your existing data

We allow your data to be brought over from other platforms. Need a hand? Our technicians are here to help you take that last step towards making everything click into place.

Keep track of all the information you need

Keep track of your transactions. Each purchase, sale, transport, client, supplier and so much more, all in one place and easily accessible.

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Reach out. Let us evolve together.

Is there something we can implement to improve your experience? Please let us know.




0€per month
  • 30 Movements / month
  • 10 Clients
  • 10 Suppliers
  • 1 Warehouses
  • 2 Users


30€per month
  • 2000 Movements / month
  • 300 Clients
  • 300 Suppliers
  • 3 Warehouses
  • 10 Users


80€per month
  • 12000 Movements / month
  • 1000 Clients
  • 1000 Suppliers
  • 7 Warehouses
  • 30 Users

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